How to Create a Healthy Money Mindset

A lot of us who struggle with our personal finances don’t know where to begin to turn the situation around. This post will focus on how to get out of our own way to start moving forward towards financial freedom.

When attempting to make changes in our lives for the better, often the advice is to just start; to take action. However, I believe there has to first be some inner work. We must adjust our thinking and mindset, in order to successfully make wise and actionable decisions. I want to share with you a few strategies to help improve our relationship with money.

Change the Words; Change the Belief

          Sometimes we say things like “I’m just not good with money”, “I don’t know how to budget”, “I always make the wrong decisions”, “I’ll never be wealthy”. Statements like these can really hinder movement forward. Try using positive and proactive statements. For example, “I will learn how to maintain a budget”, “From now on, my family can look to me for stability and security”, “I will operate in grace through this journey.” We can’t just start telling ourselves we are good at money, but we actually need to believe that we can and will be better stewards of our finances. The belief in ourselves settles deep inside and flows out of our mouths. So, what we speak to and about ourselves confirms what we believe.

Focus on Progress vs Perfection

          Making a budget or even just taking in a full view of your financial circumstance is a huge step. So, give yourself credit because that is progress. It does not matter how far or close you are to your end goal, as long as you are mindfully and intentionally taking steps towards that goal. Yes, there will be times when you forget to budget for an item or go over budget one month. That is alright. The fact that you took the time and made the effort to address your finances is progress. Don’t get hung up on having a perfect month or that last mistake you made, instead celebrate small victories and keep moving forward.

Move from Scarcity Mindset to Prosperity Mindset

          Eventually during our journey, we begin to see a shift where we are no longer pinching every penny or trying to live paycheck to paycheck. We start to see the coins stack up but stay stuck in a scarcity mentality; fearful of losing again. We then need to change our approach from survival mode to wealth building. We can do this by doing research, reading books and following the advice and habits of those making the right money moves.

It all starts with shifting your paradigms around money and wealth. When we begin to allow ourselves to dream and see a new vision we then connection it to an actual emotion. This emotional attachment to a brighter future is what will motivate a shift in our behavior. Stay tune and find just how important is to have “why” ahead of any real, lasting change.