Life coach

Tiffany Jones is a life coach WHO helps clients unmask the authentic version of themselves to create a full life experience. After dealing with devastating situations in her own life, she realized she had tHE tools to overcome and wanted to be able to help others do the same. Tiffany is a graduate of Concordia University with a B.A. in Healthcare Administration and has worked in the healthcare field for over 5 years.


mEDITATION/spiritual/life coach

Know Yourself, Know Your worth ~Drake

Words to live by! A Lover of People and a heart of Gold. This Houstonian is here to live her life to the fullest and to show others how to live the same! As a meditation and spiritual life coach Shay truly aspires to guide individuals towards healing and discovering their life’s purpose. She is a Boss Babe, wife and mother. Shay chooses to walk off the beaten path in all areas of her life, and that’s what makes her relatable to all personality types.. “I am glad to be with two great Goddesses on this Podcast. The positive energy and love doesn’t stop” ~Shay


Financial advisor

corie is a servant leader who has a passion for helping others discover and reach their financial dreams. She is determined to break barriers and transform paradigms in order to inform and encourage others that they can and will be able to leave a legacy for generations to come. Along with her co founders, she has a compassionate heart towards those who are striving to become better versions of themselves.

“personal finance does not just deal with money and numbers; there has to be a mindset shift in order to create positive and profitable habits” -Corie